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Codea Window Manager

edited May 2012 in Code Sharing Posts: 122

Hey folks,

I thought I would share out a new Library I have been working on for a couple weeks now. It is a window manger framework for creating,moving,and changing Windows, much like the way a normal GUI handles them. It allows you to place attachments (Text,Keyboard Input,Sprites,etc) to the window quickly and easily. Windows are able to be customized to allow for movement or not, allow it to be minimized, colors, etc.

I'm not finished with the example app or the documentation yet, but if anyone was looking for a way to generate a GUI, I thought I would share it now and let people take a look at how I did it.

Example Image:

Code Location:

To Do Still:
Allow Easy Push/Pop for Window Attachments (Much like having multiple screens in a window)
Ability to move attachments by touch within the window only.
Code Cleanup


  • BortelsBortels Mod
    Posts: 1,557

    looks very nice! I'll tell you what I keep telling TLL - bigger widgets, please. My fingers are apparently huge.

  • Posts: 122

    @Bortels: Everything in the framework should be able to be customized, with the exception of the Title Bar size, which I plan on fixing soon.

  • Posts: 154

    Can I mack windows in it :-bd

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,782

    That's awesome @Daemos. This seems like it would be great for floating parameter sliders. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Posts: 122

    @Simeon: That an idea I've already had. I can't imagine it would be too difficult to implement it. All in all, with the runtime library out now, I wanted to replicate some of the Cocoa Touch type UI types in Codea.

  • Posts: 122

    I'm slowly working on the documentation now. Please keep in mind this is a WIP and more documentation will be added as I get more time.

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