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I love Shade

I have been having a lot of fun with the beta of Shade lately.
Using groups and variables you can make very clean understandable networks.
Attached is a sequence of pictures that show an initial implementation of the plotting example from “The Book of Shaders” and then a refactoring into clean labeled islands,
And then the beginnings of playing with plotting functions.


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    @DavidLeibs - looks neat, I'm still learning how to use shaders and Shade is progressing very quickly. Is the “The Book of Shaders” a reference you can recommend. I always seem to hit snags when writing my own.

  • @Bri_G - What I like about “The Book of Shaders” is that it is one of those rare books that attempts to teach you how to think about a subject. In that regard it is better than a reference.
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    @DavidLeibs - found it on the net and am digesting it slowly. Interesting, thanks.

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