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Three different menus, how do I do it?

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I'm working on my first project, which is an app with three different menus. Each has several option buttons and each button needs to return a number from 1-10. I'm borrowing heavily from SoundsPlus to create my option buttons. I've got the three screens with their respective buttons but I don't know how to get the buttons to return a number. The idea in my head is; The first screen is drawn, you make a choice, the corresponding number is stored, the second screen is drawn, you make your choice, its number is added to the running total, etc. The grand total is displayed at the end.


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    Without knowing more of what you want to do, here is a simple example of rotating thru three screens and adding a value to the total based on pressing one of three buttons. Hope this gives you some idea.. If you have more questions, just ask.

    function setup()     total=0     next=false     state=screen1 end function draw()     background(40, 40, 50)     state()     str=string.format("Total = %d",total)     text(str,WIDTH/2,HEIGHT-200) end function screen1()     text("Screen 1",WIDTH/2,HEIGHT-100)     buttons()     if next then         state=screen2         next=false     end end function screen2()     text("Screen 2",WIDTH/2,HEIGHT-100)      buttons()     if next then         state=screen3         next=false     end end function screen3()     text("Screen 3",WIDTH/2,HEIGHT-100)     buttons()     if next then         state=screen1         next=false     end end function touched(t)     if t.state==BEGAN then         if t.x>150 and t.x<250 then    -- button 1 pressed             if t.y>375 and t.y<425 then                 total = total + value1                 next=true             end         end         if t.x>150 and t.x<250 then    -- button 2 pressed                   if t.y>275 and t.y<325 then                 total = total + value2                 next=true             end         end         if t.x>150 and t.x<250 then    -- button 3 pressed             if t.y>175 and t.y<225 then                 total = total + value3                 next=true             end         end     end  end function buttons()     rectMode(CENTER)     fill(255)     rect(200,400,100,50)     rect(200,300,100,50)     rect(200,200,100,50)          fill(255,0,0)     text("value 1",200,400)     text("value 2",200,300)     text("value 3",200,200)          value1=1     value2=2     value3=3 end


  • My approach to this would be to use a Finite State Machine, have a look at

  • Isn't there a way to use the array which contains my choices to get the value of the choice? For example, choices = {[1] = "first option", [2] = "second option" etc. Otherwise, I'd have to write an if,then with 10 cases for the first menu, 8 for the second, and 3 for the third.

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    SoundButton = class(Button)
    SoundName = class()
    --soundName = SoundName()
    function SoundButton:init(displayName)
        Button.init(self, displayName)
        self.soundName = loadstring( "return "..displayName )()
        self.color = color(87, 129, 231, 255)
        self.action = function () selection() toggleMenu() 
    function SoundButton:draw()
        -- Codea does not automatically call this method
        fill(131, 126, 123, 255)
        --use longest statement for size
        local w,h = textSize("   Physiologic_Monitoring_and_Diagnostic   ")
        w = w + 20
        h = h + 30
        roundRect(self.pos.x - w/2,
                  self.pos.y - h/2,
        self.size = vec2(w,h)
        fill(54, 65, 96, 255) --shadow color
        fill(229, 121, 45, 255) --text color
    function selection()    
    if soundName == ("Patient_Related_and_Other")then Total = 
        Total + 2 elseif
        ("Computer_and_Related")then Total = Total + 3 elseif
        ("Laboratory_Accessories")then Total = Total + 4 elseif
        ("Analytical_Laboratory")then Total = Total + 5 elseif
        ("Physiologic_Monitoring_and_Diagnostic")then Total = Total + 6
        ("Surgery_and_Intensive_Care_Monitoring")then Total = Total + 7
        ("Physical_Therapy")then Total = Total + 8 elseif
        ("Surgery_and_Intensive_Care")then Total = Total + 9 elseif
        ("Life_Support")then Total = Total + 10 elseif
        ("No_Significant_Risk")then Total = Total + 1 elseif
        ("Inappropriate_Therapy_or_Diagnosis_minor")then Total = Total + 2
        ("Inappropriate_Therapy_or_Diagnosis_major")then Total = Total + 3
        ("Patient_or_Operator_Injury")then Total = Total + 4 elseif
        ("Patient_Death")then Total = Total + 5 elseif
        ("Minimal")then Total = Total + 1 elseif
        ("Average")then Total = Total + 3 elseif
        ("Extensive")then Total = Total + 5    

    Alright, I'm close. In this section, I'm not getting 'soundName' in the proper format. It's not comparing to the statements in the if/then statements. I think I'm getting a reference value, not the " " value. When I select anything from the first menu, my running total becomes a 3. When I select anything from the second, a 3 is added to the original 3, and ditto for the last menu. I always end up with a total of 9.

    Thanks a lot for the help.


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