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Line in editor is REDED out when running my code.

edited November 2012 in General Posts: 2

I have a function that is red when I try to run my code. Im not sure why because everything looks right.

function drawRightNow() --This line is entirely red.

     for rightDraw = 0, 29, 1 do
     rect(25*rightDraw, 25*rightDraw, 25, 25)
     rightDraw = rightDraw + 1



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    .@GeoDoXStudios, just add one end to the end of your code, you seem to be missing it]

  • @Jordan , Thanks so much, I cant believe I missed that.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    On the subject of RED lines for errors, there are times when I'll get an error that's totally covered with dark RED, so dark that I can't even read the code that's under it. The only way to fix it is to put the cursor somewhere in the RED area and type a space or anything else to clear the RED area. Then I can see the line of code to fix it.

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    1.5 fixes that :)

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