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App rejected because it asks to use camera, way to remove this?

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My most recent app was rejected on the grounds that it requests user permission to use the camera at the beginning, then never uses the camera. This has happened with all of my codea projects, but an app has never been rejected because of it before. Anyone know a way to remove the camera asking for permission on launch?


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    @jrohanian Have to use Codea 2.1, the camera access bug is in 2.0 but fixed in 2.1. However, there is some kind of slowdown in 2.1 that is fixed in 2.1.1 so I am waiting for 2.1.1 runtime before I submit my apps.

    2.1.1 was submitted on the 10th so it should be available anytime now.

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  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @Crumble @jrohanian the slowdown should be fixed in the exported libraries — because the libraries are downloaded by Xcode from our website when you compile your project you will get the latest 2.1.1 version with the speed fix.

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    I tried right yesterday and I can confirm exporting from 2.1 to xcode solves the speed issue ( as long as you test the program on your devices and not with xcode simulators ).
    Sorry for the OT

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