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Simple Text Editor (self-challenge/practice)

Simple Text Editor

from Live Code Editor


  • Multi-line texts
  • Cursor support
  • Tap or drag anywhere to navigate cursor
  • Double tap anywhere and drag to select text
  • CUT / COPY / PASTE selected text at/to any position
  • Hardware keyboard to navigate cursor
  • Jump and teleport cursor to any position with hardware keyboard shortcuts

What’s new:

  • Cursor now aligned properly in all font sizes
  • Vertical and Horizontal scroll bars
  • Load external text file
  • On screen CUT / COPY / PASTE menu

To be added:

  • Fix cursor misalignment at certain font sizes
  • Custom text wrapper
  • Scrolling action
  • Ability to CREATE NEW / SAVE / LOAD text document
  • On screen shortcuts / menu to perform CUT / COPY / PASTE
  • Automatically scroll while moving cursor or selecting texts
  • Syntax Highlighting for coding (possible with letters being individually rendered)

Download the Codea Project below in ZIP (not yet tested on Codea for iPhone)


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