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Is this weird or am I doing something?

edited November 2021 in Code Sharing Posts: 5

In function draw(), I’m calling two functions. drawRect() and drawCircle(), I filled the rect with white and filled the circle with grey. But when I run my code, the circle is white and the rectangle is grey… what am I doing wrong?

My code looks like this:

function draw()

function drawRect()
   rect(WIDTH/3, HEIGHT/3, 200,80)

function drawCircle()


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    edited November 2021 Posts: 10,047

    The fill should be before the rect or ellipse. The color gets set first, then the object gets drawn.

    PS. When you post code, put ~~~ ( 3 tildes) before the code and again after the code. I added them to the above code.

    Just a suggestion. Look thru the reference just to get an idea of the commands and what’s available. That might help with future code, but we’re here to answer questions too.

  • Posts: 1,363

    codea things, like draw ... and everything ... happen in the order encountered. it's generally not like CSS where a chunk of stuff just all adds up to do the right thing.

    please tell us a bit about your experience, it'll help us pitch things at the right level.

    keep on, it's fun!

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