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Change default project open behaviour

edited January 14 in Suggestions Posts: 421

@Simeon @John, Any chance a future update could allow us to change the default behaviour of specific projects when you tap on them in the project browser? Probably a flag in the project’s Info.plist.

With WebRepo for example I’d love to just be able to bypass the editor entirely most of the time and jump straight to executing it.

For ‘finished’ projects it could be nice to have :smile:



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    @steppers - possibly a small menu with a long press to include open, run, info, share, export and maybe even compile to combine all assets into the project ready for exporting. Oh, and not forgetting zipping option within export.
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    @Bri_G That’s what I was thinking tbh, a toggle in the usual long press dialog to change the default behaviour. When ‘run’ is default it would also show an ‘edit’ button to actually view the code.

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    @Steppers - you never know, if TLL have the Apple filing system incorporated in 4, we may have Codea files recognised by the system which may enable direct running or editing from the project as described above.

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